Magneatos - Getting Creative With Magnets

With Magneatos Magnetic Construction, young children can fully experience the fun and mystery of magnetic construction. Children have always been fascinated with magnets. Magnets attract children's curiosity and enthusiasm that kids just cannot keep their hands off them.

The magnetic building kits come packed with magnetically charged pieces that are designed for small hands and huge imaginations. Super-strong magnetic balls, tubes, and curves are, quite literally, a snap to put together. Kids can use Magneatos to create an endless array of neat geometric configurations.

The unique extra large size and bright colors of Magneatos make them perfect for little builders as young as three, but they are just as compelling to an older builder, too. Building with Magneatos helps children develop fine motor skills and explore simple problem solving techniques. Sets are interchangeable so kids can build bigger and bigger creations.

There is the 24-piece Magneatos Jumbo made specifically for younger children so they can play with Magneatos just like the big kids. The Magneatos Jumbo 24 Pieces set is designed for small hands and huge imaginations. It features 2 ½" diameter design help balls, ¾" x 2" short rods, and ¾" x 3 ½" longer rods.

There are Magneatos Jumbo sets with 36 pieces, 72 pieces, and 144 pieces. Magneatos Jumbo Master Builder comes in 89 pieces, 148 pieces, and 296 pieces. There is also Magneatos Jumbo Curves that comes in a 24-piece set and a 50-piece set. There is also the Magneatos Intermediate Master Builder also available in several piece-sets.

Magneatos will capture a child's attention and stimulate their imagination for hours on end.

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